Am I courageous ?

I remember a quote by Rahul Dravid ( who’s my icon! 🙂 ) which goes like this :-


“I’d like very much to be respected as someone who is courageous, fights and does his best. ”  – Rahul Dravid

Sure ! Rahul Dravid has definitely earned respect by the sheer courage and grit with which he fought for India, taking on his fierce opponents.But there must have been dark days in his life. Days when a lot of people criticized his ability and mocked him for his style of play. He still held his head high every time he entered the field. He fought day long battles against the best in the world and made India, a force to reckon with in cricket. The critics kept criticizing and the fighter kept fighting. Today he is acclaimed as one of the best batsmen the country has ever produced. He is respected by his opponents and team-mates alike and has a huge fan following the world over.

This makes me reflect on my life. Am I courageous in times of trouble ? Do I fight hard enough when others doubt my ability? Am I doing my best in life? Do I force people to respect me or am I earning it for myself ?

The questions which I ask myself will go on and on. But it’s good in way. I know I’m growing in the process. 🙂

God help me on my way….

Signing off,

ClearStreamofReason 😉

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