Good People…Rise Up!!

Good People...Rise Up!!

Saw this amazing quote by Bob Marley and I found it really thought provoking. The bad people are working really hard to get what they want. Are we gonna sit back and watch them screw up this world? Or are we gonna rise up against them? I feel that the only reason that evil is rising in this world is because the good people are staying in the sidelines and chilling out…

It’s time we rise up! In the smallest way..We can make a difference! We can stand up for the truth! Stop focussing too much on yourself…Your life…Your goals…. Stop looking into only yourself…Look outside… How can I reach out to someone in need?… How can I spread a positive vibe around me?… How can I be a good friend or spouse?…How can I reduce corruption?.. How can I save the environment and natural resources?… The list goes on…

For too long we’ve seen superhero movies…It’s time we become superheroes…With no extraordinary power, but just a will to make a difference :).


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