From stones to structures…..

A few days back I passed through a stone quarry and happened to take this snap:-



Right in front of this quarry,there was this awesome structure which was newly constructed :-



See the contrast between the primary raw material and the finished product! 🙂 Makes me correlate the same with life…

All of us have been blessed with raw materials.It’s left to us, to put these raw materials to best use so that our lives become a finished product.Just like this beautiful building here :)…

There’s something beautiful about the way God created this world.He made it in it’s most raw form.Everything we have now in our world-Be it a car,a smartphone or even a light bulb is because somewhere someone had a dream.He stood against all odds to make this dream become a reality.He would’nt take ‘No’ for an answer.He would persist in his thoughts and imagination.He would work hard each day.Failure was an everyday thing.But he would dream about being successful one day.And finally he gets there! Wow! What a feeling it must have been for him! 🙂

Right now everything in your life might not be in it’s finished form.It may not be close to that! But do you have that deep desire in you to one day achieve your dreams? Are you working towards it? Don’t you want to look back one day into your life and smile, thinking to yourself “I gave it my all, I have no regrets!”. 

Don’t you wish for a ‘Stone to Structure’ transformation?? 🙂

Always remember.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.



Clearstreamofreason 😉

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