It’s hard to stay calm when things are’nt going alright…

So I’m back home after a long tiring day at work. I feel stressed out as the day was challenging. One of those days when you just feel like screaming out of frustration.

But then another thought comes to my mind and I’ve learnt it from this particular scene from ‘Seven Pounds’. To just hang in there,not say a word out of anger and to let the day pass by in silence.

It’s hard for me to stay calm when things are not quite going my way. But I guess it requires character to be calm in the midst of trial.In real life there are 2 sportsman who I look up to alot coz of the great patience and character they showed at various instances:-

1.Andy Roddick : Losing the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer in 2009. He was so close to winning but fell short after playing the match of his life. I cant imagine how he would have felt after playing a match for close to 5 hrs and still come out a loser. Still,during the presentation he was calm and wiped his tears slowly in silence. It showed true character even in loss.He is a true winner to me!

2.Rahul Dravid: Early on in his career, he was humiliated by a cricket fan who called him a boring player who could never last in the ODI team for more than a few months. He listened to every criticism carefully without ever saying a word back in defence. When his friends felt instigated by the fan he stopped them saying that he wanted to know what the real Indian cricket fan thought about him without any biases. He did work on his weaknesses and is today the 2nd highest ODI run getter for India following Sachin Tendulkar.His career spanned close to 2 decades.

It feels good to end the day knowing that I’ve given it my all and have stayed calm till the end. I hope I continue my journey on this ‘Road less travelled’ and wish that I have alot of companions from the world over.Together we can make a difference. 🙂


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