God’s gift of Sight..


In my spirit, I go to a green garden in a forest. I close my eyes for a few moments and I imagine myself to be a blind person, and become aware of the darkness all around me.I’m unable to see anything…Everything is dark…I don’t understand what is meant by a colour…I do not even know what I look like….

Then I open my eyes and see the plants and trees,their pretty flowers and fruits,beautiful birds and fish,roaming animals and smiling humans…I see my reflection in a pond nearby and understand how beautifully I’m created by God…

I contemplate a colourful sunset with psychadelic lights illuminatiing the slow-moving clouds in the sky…. I loot at the twinklng stars at night… My life is so much enriched by the gift of sight..

I thank God for the wonderful gift of sight to me… Sometimes I take these eyes for granted…I abuse it without sleep and let them fall on unwanted things…I realise how empty life would be without this gift of Sight…

I thank God for the wonderful gift of sight to me…Thank you for this precious gift without which my life would be so different.. 🙂

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