Filling More Than Shelves

A very heart warming story..Please do read it… Reblogged from ‘Real Women’.

Real Women

Food-bankThis evening my son and I took part in one of our seasonal activities, helping out at a local Food Pantry.  For a couple of hours we jumped into the hustle and bustle to stock and re-stock shelves while those in need waited in line to get food to feed their families on Thanksgiving.

I think it is important for my son to learn how he can help others by giving his time and effort, and to understand how truly fortunate we are.  And yet, as much as I believe this is an essential part of growth and development, I am embarrassed to admit that we are not frequent “volunteerers”.   We fall into that excuse and rut of being “too busy” or not finding the “right” opportunities to get involved with on a regular basis.  Ironically, when we do finally carve out the time to help out a cause or…

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