The battlefield of the mind

Very well written article… Do read it :)..Even though the Blogger writes it from a Christian perspective it is useful to people from every faith & ideology :)…



bad thinking, taking every thought captiveSometimes it doesn’t take a storm to destroy us, a friend to betray us, or a sin to make us fall… all it takes is just one little thought.

Physical battles take place on a battlefield with armies, with weapons, and with fire.

But spiritual battles often take place in the battlefield of our mind where it is not an army or a sword that will keep us captive, but our own thoughts.

When we are at our lowest of lows the enemy will whisper to us “See, God didn’t come through for you, He’s left you alone. He doesn’t care about you. Why should you trust Him?”

When we fail once again the enemy will a point a finger at us and say “Look at you, you’re nothing but a failure. Nothing good will ever come out of you, there’s no point in getting up and trying once again.”

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