Life Is Like a Poker Game…

Life is like a poker game. There is a poker table, which reminds us about the fact that we are people that live on planet earth and we have a common environment where we live our life. But each player sees his life from his spot, from his area and his environment.

Each player receives two cards at the beginning. Based on these cards and on their intuition they start to bet and hope they will win or they quit the game. When we arrive in this world we get a set of talents and abilities which we will use to make it and win this game of life.

There is also the guy that is dealing, also called Dealer, having the ‘D’ letter as a mark. The role of the dealer is to watch what the players are doing and to give cards to the players when they want, but on certain conditions. In life, God is the Dealer and He gives us what we want but he asks us for something in exchange.

The player that has the best cards and the highest card wins. But in certain circumstances those that have the weakest cards may also win. In life, it’s not so important what abilities and talents you are born with, because you can work on your talents and abilities and make a “winning hand”.

All you have to do is to have trust in yourself and have trust in ‘The Dealer’. Don’t wait for the perfect day to bet. There are a lot of people who started with the worst cards in the game of life and still they won the game.

— Radu Grigore

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