Nature’s lessons & the human response….

In forests, individual trees support one another. By interlocking their roots with other trees around them, they are able to stand as a grove against any wind…

This is a big contrast from us humans…Divided by religion,race & ideologies… Forget interlocking of hands, we wont dare to look the other person in the eye…

Sometimes I wonder if nature is God’s way of teaching various lessons to us humans… Sadly even nature is abused for personal-gains 😦

And there are many superficial programmes run by various governments and NGOs which claim to be protectors of nature..I somehow feel that they are mainly publicity stunts more than anything else…. There is no depth in any of the programs… These programs are still in the ‘spreading awareness’ stage and not in ‘action’ stage…Even after 10-15 years since inception??…All we see is a snap in the newspaper or a video on TV…..C’mon, you gotta be kidding me!!…

What do we do? Where are we heading? Is anybody feeling what I feel right now?

Will it reach a stage that by the time we start appreciating nature , the world would be beyond repair….







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