A Wild Weekend!

A beautiful post !..Have to reblog this one! :)… The leopard is so majestically clothed!.. And the elephants are a symbol of humility despite their huge size!… So much to learn from nature! :)…

The Urge To Wander

If you, like Jo, have been wondering where I had vanished, and have lost track of where I am in my current adventures, let me get you up to speed.

To see a tiger in the wild has been a lifelong dream of ours, and when a dear friend invited us to join him on a safari weekend at the Nagarhole (Kabini) reserve near Mysore, R & I readily agreed. Mr. Tiger stubbornly refused to make an appearance, but we were amply compensated by the sight of Mr. Leopard below, who put on a mesmerising performance for a good 45 minutes, before strolling off nonchalantly into the bushes!

Our daughter, having been on safari to South Africa just this past year, sniggered at our lone cat sighting, but I was undeniably ecstatic as I had never seen a big cat in its natural habitat before!

These images aren’t the greatest, being as they are my first attempt at wildlife photography with pitifully…

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