How to be spirited

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What is the joyous life that God promises us? We all know how it feels to suffer, or be inconvenienced. This is of course not joy. Does having money and wealth promise us joy? Does having a great career give us joy? Is living without suffering or inconveniences joy? We all know people who we think have everything going for them, and find out that they are unhappy. We also know people who have experienced extreme sufferings, yet they are spirited.

Let us try to discover what joy is. Joy I believe is the feeling that everything is great. It is a positive attitude. Everyone seeks to find this attitude. Some believe that money, wealth, power, and career will help one achieve joy. Others feel that drugs, and other addictions will give oneself joy. Many will find that despite attaining these worldly possessions, depression will possess their minds.

Sometimes, a…

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