Do you think that you have enough ?

Today I would like to focus on the word “Enough” and it’s meaning and relevance in 2012. What does this word mean to you? I want you to be true to yourself when you ask yourself that question. Can you say that you have ‘enough’ in life? . I can personally answer saying ‘No, I don’t think I have enough! Nothing close to enough’. 🙂

To me ‘Enough’ relates to the words contentment, satisfaction and completeness. It means feeling whole and knowing that you have everything in control. It means to have a nice little cushion for yourself in all aspects of life. It means to get into a comfortable situation in life.Even I do want to have a comfortable life for my family and myself. Nothing wrong in wanting that. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I would say that I’m the sort of person who likes to share my inner thoughts and feelings if I feel a certain comfort level with a friend.So one day I was talking to a close pal of mine and was telling him about my plans when I find a job for myself. I told him that I want to give some of my money to the poor and needy to make a difference to someone in need.I don’t mean to come across as a self-righteous person or anything. Just sharing the truth cause I feel the urge to share my experiences with you.In reply he told me that I was too early in my career and that I should first save up for myself and family.That I must first make a good foundation for myself and then think of giving.

This thought that my friend shared with me, I’m sure, is the same thought that is there in a lot of our minds. All of us want to do good. We want to make a difference in society. We do want to do good deeds. That’s the way we humans are designed. Why do we see a beggar by the road or a crippled person and feel bad about that person’s plight? It’s cause all of us in our deeper beings want to reach out to them.But we also see our situations and our needs and we realise so many things pending to be done in our lives. We want to get to a comfortable position before we can actually do acts of charity. The fear of not having anything tomorrow if we give today is on our minds. What if there is another recession and we lose our jobs? What if someone falls sick, will I have money for their treatment? So many questions stop us from taking the first step to give.

Maybe you’ve got everything covered for yourself and your dear ones, you’ve found a good job,you’ve got into a good Grad school or you’ve got a brand new Mercedez for yourself.Maybe things are really going fine at your end. You have a fat paycheck. Can you say that you have enough? Never! All I can say is that we will never reach an end to our needs. We will never find a solution to our fears of the future. We all know that. There will never come a time when we can truly say that we’re comfortable.If we are in the illusion that we will one day, have enough, I’m afraid we might never reach that day.

I did heed my friend’s words on saving up and making a foundation for myself. I understand the need to save. I do that by reducing my expenses. Do I need another pair of shoes when I already have 2 pairs ? Do I need the latest 2 GHz,quad-core phone when I already have a 1 Ghz phone? Do I need to travel by bike when I can cycle to office? These are the ways I can save up. But the joy I find in giving money to a beggar, knowing that I’ve just fed a hungry person is something I can’t explain. I feel good to know I’m making a small itsy-bitsy difference to this world by helping someone in need.I don’t judge the beggar saying that he’s a lazy person not wanting to work. I don’t know what his past is, that made him reach this hopeless state. I choose to help him out as he is in need. Period.

I remember a famous quote which goes like this,

‘You can never be rich without knowing how to give.’
I want you to try this out today. Help someone who’s in need by the road. Buy him a burger or a packet of biscuits if you don’t want to give him money, in fear that he/she’ll go drinking. But just try helping someone in need. I assure you that you will be on the road to saying ‘I have Enough’ one fine day. 🙂
Signing off,
Clear Stream Of Reason 🙂