A story of integrity….

In the wake of numerous chain snatching events throughout India in the past few years, this story comes as a refreshing one…Humanity still exists, a heart warming story this one… 🙂

Youth returns gold chain found on road

Kolar: In a case of display of honesty, a youth has returned a gold ‘mangalasutra’ which he found on the road to its owner here.

Mala, a resident of Karanjikatte locality, lost her mangalasutra on Wednesday when she went out for shopping. Even after a frantic search, she could not find the chain, and later gave up her effort.

Tabarez, a mechanic working in a garage in Rajanagar area, found the mangalasutra while he was returning to his house. He decided to trace its owner and explained his intention to some of his friends.

Among his friends were residents of Karanjikatte who were aware about Ms. Mala losing the chain. They took Mr. Tabarez to Ms. Mala’s house and returned the chain to her.

A relieved Ms. Mala expressed deep gratitude to Mr. Tabarez and praised his integrity.

-The Hindu, 27 Feb 2015


The ‘Test of India’s Soul’

The ruling party of India, The ‘Indian National Congress'(INC) has abused the system..They’ve played vote bank politics and even divided a state for personal gain…Little did they know it would backfire…They are literally left with nothing and have a huge population waiting to drive them out of power!…They have been involved in far too many scams…. I don’t have an idea why Rahul Gandhi is portrayed as a PM candidate when there are far more experienced and able members in the Congress…The country is literally waiting in desperation for a change after 10 years of Congress Rule… They have exploited the votes of minorities with their ‘secular’ credentials yet their promises have been half-hearted…There has not been much improvement in the living standards of Muslims and Christians alike in India…

How can a party such as the ‘Bharatiya Janata Party'(BJP) which openly has Ram Mandir on it’s election manifesto ever be a truly national party?? I cannot understand.. And the party claims to be against corruption and vote bank politics…Yet brings back Mr. Yeddyurappa in the State of Karnataka because of his lingayat vote bank(even though he is highly corrupt)….The PM candidate(as capable as he is) openly says of being a proud RSS worker.. The same RSS which Nathuram Godse belonged to..Nathuram Godse for your information is the assassin of the revered Mahatma Gandhi… They say they are protectors of the Hindu Rashtra, protectors of the culture of our nation..Yet women in Mangalore were slapped and kicked for drinking in pubs when the party was in power… This mind you in a nation where there are women deities who are worshipped…

Then there is Aam Aadmi Party(AAP)…They started off with a noble cause but they still have’nt proved themselves as political leaders who can persevere and bring about change…Speaking lofty words yet not staying in power for more than 40 days in Delhi…Doing dharnas in the middle of the city & making things inconvenient for the people who voted for them…Calling themselves anarchists… ….Can a party as unorganised as AAP stand a chance in front of giants like BJP and Congress…Should’nt they have proved their strength by ruling Delhi for 5 years and then gone on to the national stage??

In the face of all these circumstances who do I actually vote for??
On one side as a religious minority I feel threatened for my basic safety and also for the peace and harmony of this nation…On the other side…You want all these scams to end and a more progressive India which is clean and non-corrupt…

As a responsible citizen.. Who wants development along with peace, prosperity and right governance…Who would you vote for??..

This election to me is the ‘ Test of India’s Soul ‘ where the foundation of our nation will be shaken….Every individual must test his heart, his beliefs and his character before laying his vote… It will be a spiritual battle between Intellect & The Heart… Anger & Patience…Emptiness & Hope…

Do let me know what you feel…

Thanks for reading with patience 🙂