Part of where I’m going is knowing where I’m coming from…

The other day I was listening to a song called “I don’t want to be” by Gavin DeGraw. Over the years I’ve grown to love the song coz it has very powerful lyrics and speaks about you being yourself and believing in who you are! :)… But this one particular line made me think for a while and ponder… And that’s the heading of this post :)….

“Part of where I’m going is knowing where I’m coming from.” 

Just read this line again :)…Does’nt it make some sense to you ? 🙂 I’m sure it does….

To me this line is:-

Future                                   Present                         Past 

Part of where I’m going          is knowing           where I’m coming from.

I believe the past is our biggest teacher. I remember this one time when I was a kid cycling, I had a bad crash as I tried to apply brakes on loose gravel. From that day on I was very careful while riding. I would always keep my eyes on the road and be cautious when there was a muddy patch or gravel on the road. That experience sure was painful but over the years that one bad experience has made me a better motorist. 🙂

So it is with life. I believe that all our past experiences in life will have an impact on our present and future if we give a thought to it.  Each experience we’ve had has the potential to change our life.

Suppose I’m a chain smoker and I’m really addicted to it. I wanna quit but I’m not able to. Everytime I feel stressed out I do it. It gives me a momentary high and it takes me to another new world. All my stress is reduced in an instant. But after that I feel bad that I smoked again. Guilt kicks in and I feel that I’m weak when it comes to stopping this addiction.

This is a pattern which will keep repeating again and again in various forms of addictions. I’m sure you can relate to this example. After a while you might even give up on your fight. These are the times you need to make strong decisions. And one big step in making these strong decisions is understanding your past and where your coming from. If you truly understand these patterns from the past you will be in a better position to battle the present and save your future.

So as per this example I know that when I’m stressed out I feel like having a smoke. So I need to find ways to reduce my stress at such times. I realise from my experience that smoking will only temporarily reduce my stress and is not a complete solution. I make a firm decision not to smoke the next time I’m stressed out. I realise that I will be away from all the guilt that I’ve dealt with in the past if I don’t smoke.So I fight the first day remembering my past experiences. I fight the second,third,fourth and coming days in a similar way. This practise can get you successfully out of your addiction..Everyday I remember where I’m coming from and that I was an addict… I realise that I was once upon a time weak to this addiction and even after so many years if I get the urge to smoke,  I remember vaguely that the last time I smoked nothing good came out of it. 🙂

By now you should know that when I blog I’m like a free bird flapping it’s wings as the wind directs it. That’s what has happened again. :).. I’ve drifted from a song to an addiction and how to fight it!! Not that I have much experience smoking! 🙂

But the bottom line is this… All of us try to run away from our past for some reason or the other..It does not give us good memories..But my take is that our past is to be embraced. We have to accept whatever has happened and find strength from it to help one another in the future and present… Maybe you’ve faced sexual abuse as a child and that part has always freaked you out. But when you embrace what’s happened and realise your thought patterns, you will be able to help someone else who’s going through similar pain and agony.

I say this with firm conviction that God can change every bad experience in your life to good. All you need is to accept your past, live well for the present and hope for a better future.

Signing off,

ClearStreamofReason 😉

PS: Thank you Gavin DeGraw for that brilliant song! 🙂 🙂