It’s hard to stay calm when things are’nt going alright…

So I’m back home after a long tiring day at work. I feel stressed out as the day was challenging. One of those days when you just feel like screaming out of frustration.

But then another thought comes to my mind and I’ve learnt it from this particular scene from ‘Seven Pounds’. To just hang in there,not say a word out of anger and to let the day pass by in silence.

It’s hard for me to stay calm when things are not quite going my way. But I guess it requires character to be calm in the midst of trial.In real life there are 2 sportsman who I look up to alot coz of the great patience and character they showed at various instances:-

1.Andy Roddick : Losing the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer in 2009. He was so close to winning but fell short after playing the match of his life. I cant imagine how he would have felt after playing a match for close to 5 hrs and still come out a loser. Still,during the presentation he was calm and wiped his tears slowly in silence. It showed true character even in loss.He is a true winner to me!

2.Rahul Dravid: Early on in his career, he was humiliated by a cricket fan who called him a boring player who could never last in the ODI team for more than a few months. He listened to every criticism carefully without ever saying a word back in defence. When his friends felt instigated by the fan he stopped them saying that he wanted to know what the real Indian cricket fan thought about him without any biases. He did work on his weaknesses and is today the 2nd highest ODI run getter for India following Sachin Tendulkar.His career spanned close to 2 decades.

It feels good to end the day knowing that I’ve given it my all and have stayed calm till the end. I hope I continue my journey on this ‘Road less travelled’ and wish that I have alot of companions from the world over.Together we can make a difference. 🙂


Am I courageous ?

I remember a quote by Rahul Dravid ( who’s my icon! 🙂 ) which goes like this :-


“I’d like very much to be respected as someone who is courageous, fights and does his best. ”  – Rahul Dravid

Sure ! Rahul Dravid has definitely earned respect by the sheer courage and grit with which he fought for India, taking on his fierce opponents.But there must have been dark days in his life. Days when a lot of people criticized his ability and mocked him for his style of play. He still held his head high every time he entered the field. He fought day long battles against the best in the world and made India, a force to reckon with in cricket. The critics kept criticizing and the fighter kept fighting. Today he is acclaimed as one of the best batsmen the country has ever produced. He is respected by his opponents and team-mates alike and has a huge fan following the world over.

This makes me reflect on my life. Am I courageous in times of trouble ? Do I fight hard enough when others doubt my ability? Am I doing my best in life? Do I force people to respect me or am I earning it for myself ?

The questions which I ask myself will go on and on. But it’s good in way. I know I’m growing in the process. 🙂

God help me on my way….

Signing off,

ClearStreamofReason 😉

Faith And Toil- Conquerless Alliance!!!

Ring out the battle call of Duty!
Unfurl the flag of Faith and Toil!
We deem our soul’s eternal beauty
A lifelong Victor’s worthy spoil
A thousand such have proudly gone before us
To win and spread our School’s renown:
‘Tis ours to swell with our voices the chorus
And with our deeds enrich her crown.
Faith and Toil, conquerless alliance
Wherein we clasp human hands unto God’s!
In His control find we true self-reliance;
My hand and God’s – Whate’er the odds
My hand and God’s – Whate’er the odds
My hand and God’s
Evil’s onset hold in defiance !

I’m sure all Josephites from St. Joseph’s Boys High School will remember singing the school song lead by our very own Mr. Charles Noronha aka Charlie! But did we ever think of the meaning that it provided ? It’s crazy! When I read each line right now it just strikes a different chord altogether in my life! Our school wanted each one of us to imbibe the 2 strongest,most meaningful virtues that has potential to enrich the whole world- Faith and Toil .


What does it really mean to me?

Faith to me is Faith in God and Faith in myself.

Faith in God:The fact that I have someone who is looking after me from above. Someone who takes care of my every need. Someone who knows everything about me and who’s got a plan and purpose for me. I believe in God and his goodness. Sometimes things might not have gone the way I expected but I believe that God has something else in mind which on the longer run will make sense to me. I’ve gone through so many instances in life that I’ve wanted something so badly,din’t get it and later on realised that life din’t revolve around it anymore. That it would have just been a waste of time,energy and money had I got it. God has it all covered and when you put your faith in him,when you believe in him you will start to see your perception about things and life change too. I say this with personal conviction! 🙂

Faith in Myself: The reason I’ve started this blog is that I believe in myself and I believe that my words can have an impact on atleast a few people if not everyone. I still believe my words matter and I feel that’s the most important thing here! When each of us have faith in ourselves and we believe that we can make a difference our whole attitude and mindset will change. We will be able to ignite the fire inside us and then in another and one day make people around us believe in themselves. It’s a simple chain reaction! The world I feel is falling short of people who believe in themselves and their capabilities.The world is also falling short of people who want to make a difference. Everyone’s pretty content just taking care of their own business! Personally I don’t find meaning in life if I can’t make a difference to the people around me. I might be even mocked by my pals for being so ‘uncool’ and posting my deeper thoughts but I’m not going to be disheartened by anyone :).


When I think of the word Toil ,I think of Rabindranath Tagore’s lines from a famous poem ,

“Where tireless striving stretches it’s arms towards perfection.”

Faith in itself is not enough. If we’re only gonna have faith in God and ourselves and we don’t work towards the things we want the most, we won’t land up anywhere! I believe God wants each of us to put in hard work and to keep fighting to stay alive. To work with integrity even when noone’s around us. The biggest testimony of hard work to us Josephites is Rahul Dravid! We all know that he’s one cricketer respected the world over for his integrity and his never give up attitude. He worked hard each day in his practises and in the nets. I read recently that even at the age of 39 he used to clear all the fitness and endurance tests with ease before each tournament. Only plain hard work could have made him do that. Some people might look down on him for his non-glamorous way of playing but for me he is the best ever cricketer India has ever produced. Even if I was’nt a Josephite I would have still said this! Hands Down! He beats all the cricketing greats of our country! He has worked his ass of for our country even becoming a wicket-keeper batsman and he clearly has put our country and the team before himself. I hope that we too through our hard work may one day be as selfless and self-sacrificing as him!!

One of my favourite videos on Hard work! 🙂 enjoy 🙂

Now it’s your turn. What does Faith and Toil mean to you personally? Let us reason out 🙂