Tying a shoelace at the last turn….

After a long day at work, I was walking back home listening to ‘Pal’ by KK, a soft and soothing Hindi song by a very talented artist. My workplace is about 15 mins by walk from home and hence as I left from there, I realised that my shoe lace was almost coming off and I had to tie it back on immediately as my whole journey was ahead of me. So i did it at that instant, put back my earphones on and continued back home.

I must admit that a walk back home in the night on Bangalore roads is a very nice experience. Without the nagging honks by the ever-impatient cab drivers, fresh air to breathe, people taking their dogs for a walk, and good music to accompany you I felt really at peace with myself and things around me.

So I continue my walk… I see a bunch of beggars by the road eating their meal… I’m happy and make a silent prayer thanking God for providing for them tonight… and I take a a right turn which leads to the lane where my house is located.

As I took the turn I realised that my shoe lace was coming off again. The first thought which came to me was ‘Forget it!,your almost home…Why do you wanna bend down again and tie your lace’. The next thought was ‘So what If I’m 2 mins away from home, I need to finish off my journey comfortably and in style!”.I listened to the second thought unlike most of the other days where in I would somehow drag my feet along the ground till I reach home. It was then that I had a flash of light across my mind!!! Suddenly I started thinking to myself….

So many times I start off things well and strong but when I’m almost getting to where I wanted to, I lose that zeal with which I started off. Whatever be my motivation in the beginning it all used to die down after a while. Sometimes my day used to start off badly because of some argument I had with my folks and then I would let my whole day get screwed up saying ‘Let this day pass, I’ll start off well from tomorrow!’ I would start working out regularly everyday and when I miss a workout in between and I lose that flow, I decide to start off again from the next Monday.The list of my lack of persistence in various matters can go on and on. Now I understand why most of my plans don’t bear fruit the way I want them to. If only I had that inner strength  and will to do each task with the same intensity till the end!! The outcome would have been completely different…..

I heard from a friend recently that ‘The last mile is always the hardest’. It is ! Because it is then when we have so many voices speaking to us. Some voices will tell us ‘Take it easy now, you’ve worked so hard ! Take a break’ and at the same time you’ll have a counter voice saying, ‘You still gotta finish off what you started with the same zeal and determination! You gotta finish off in style!’.

I might be connecting ‘Tying a shoelace at the last turn’ to ‘Finishing off in style’ . It might be a very weird kind of analogy to some of you . But sometimes even the simple things in life have potential of teaching us valuable lessons. 🙂

Signing off in style! 😉

Yours truly,